Board of Trustees

School for Friends is governed by a Board of Trustees of no more than sixteen members, whom are recommended by the Friends Meeting of Washington. Parent representatives serve on the board, and the Director is also a member of the Board.

New Board members are selected by a nominating committee appointed by the President from parents and others who are willing to serve and are approved by the acting Board.

Is School for Friends a parent-run school? Yes and no. The group of parents who created the school did two things that determined how the school would be governed. They hired professional staff with knowledge of early childhood to direct and teach in the school. And they elected to be a Quaker school by accepting a generous donation for start-up costs from the Friends Meeting of Washington.

The founding families wrote these decisions into the by-laws of the School. As a result, parents have a strong voice in the policies of the school through their parent representatives on the board, yet theirs is not the only voice – the school is not a parent cooperative. For more details on the governing of the school, see the By-laws.

School policy decisions are made by consensus/unity.

Name Term Expires
Josh Gallu, Parent, President  2019
Ann-Marie Mason, Parent, Vice President  2018
Natalia Sorgente, Parent, Treasurer  2017
Marisol Bello, Parent, Trustee  2019
John Breyer, Quaker, Trustee  2019
Michael Cronin, Quaker FMW, Trustee  2019
Alice Dei-Sheldon, Parent, Trustee  2019
Anita Drever, Quaker FMW, Trustee  2018
Alex Jadin, Parent & Quaker FMW, Trustee  2018
Jeremy Smith, Trustee  2017
Francesco Valentini, Parent, Trustee  2018
Gaye Williams, Quaker FMW, Trustee  2018
Marisa Yeakey, Trustee  2020
Julie Baron, Teacher Representative  2018
Berna Artis, Ex officio  –