Capital Campaign

We are excited to launch the first capital campaign in the history of School for Friends. School for Friends has an incredible opportunity to grow. The campaign will enable us to expand our program for younger children and secure our location at Church of the Pilgrims, a long-term goal. Already, through generous early pledges, we have raised $295,000 toward our campaign goal of $360,000.

Our Vision for a Big Future

School for Friends has the great fortune to enter into an agreement with the Church of the Pilgrims to reconfigure and renovate our space for the mutual benefit of both the school and the church. The church has agreed to share the project costs of $1.4 million, and to finance the project using the facility as collateral if needed. Renovation is being carefully planned so as to minimize disruption for our families as we transition to a more effective learning environment.

In order to offer our exceptional education to more children while ensuring our long-term financial sustainability, we seek to expand to seventy-five children, adding two new classrooms and renovating our current space. As part of the expansion project, we have selected improvements that will ensure our children’s safety and enable us to serve more two-year-olds and even eighteen-month-olds. We will:

  • Add two new classrooms for younger children
  • Update our building with new sprinkler and fire alarm systems
  • Install an elevator to make all 2nd floor classrooms accessible
  • Equip each classroom with running water
  • Add an arts studio with running water
  • Increase our storage space for teaching materials and supplies
  • Add a larger teacher work space
  • Add a conference room for parent-teacher meetings, one-on-one therapy, and a library
  • Renovate current classrooms with upgraded lighting, new flooring, and window treatments

Join the Campaign to Grow School for Friends

The Board of Trustees of School for Friends has committed to launching a capital campaign to raise $360,000 to fund the school’s portion of the expansion project and related expenses.

The SMALL SCHOOL, BIG FUTURE Campaign to Grow School for Friends will solicit funds from September 1, 2014 – December 30, 2015, by which time the goal of $360,000 must be fully pledged in order for the project to proceed.

Pledges may be paid over a three-year period, due by December 31, 2017. Since this is a building
campaign, we need outright gifts. The following will be accepted — and greatly appreciated.

Appreciated securities
Real estate and other appreciated property
Tangible personal property

The SMALL SCHOOL, BIG FUTURE Campaign will require unprecedented levels of support from our community. We will be seeking gifts of all sizes:


Whether your children are currently enjoying the school or they graduated years ago, you are an important part of the School for Friends community. Please join in our excitement at the Big Future ahead for our very special Small School!

For more information on how you can invest in School for Friends’ future, please contact:

Berna Artis
Head of School for Friends